Saturday, July 20, 2013

and it begins

after looking at my 2013 hobby goals, I found I did not record any info about games played so I throught I may start a gamming log. these are not battle reports but just info about the games I play. these games will be from all gaming I  do.

July 1 at home with jenelle Patrick and me,
we play get bit, we had two games and Patrick won one jenelle won one me zero. the game involves playing cards and not being last as you will get bit and loose a limb. A cool little filler. the dog actually ate one of the limbs so there is one player already down one limb.

Friday night 5 July at Krags 25 soulstone malifluax - M2E
played Mary this week we both are still working out the rules and the new crews for the play test of the new edition.
I can not remember the resalt but we where having fun

Friday night 12 July at Krags 2000 pt warhammer fantasy -
played Josef and his empire with my High elves- I had to play against to stream tanks, this game involved me having one model left on the table. really need to learn how to kill them.

Friday night 19 July at KRAGS,
2000 pt War hammer fantasy, I play Daniel Garrod My high elves Vampire counts
this was I pick up game as Daniel did not have an opponent I was using the same High elf list I used the week before. , dragon , loremater and lots of shooting units.
I did not win the game but we did get the dragon and the terrorgist into combat. We where playing a senaro written by a club members for the campaign we are running we had three forests and the moved randomly causing issues. One of the cool things about Daniel is he loves to read the rules and always has some new way to interpet rules that require me to do some research after.
so loss to me.

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